Gimme Some Bagels!

It’s back and on Big 95.7! Will Bradley In The Morning could be bringing YOU a dozen bagels with a pound of freshly mixed cream cheese on Thursday. That’s right, FREE DELIVERY from Big 95.7……and all you have to do is say “GIMME SOME BAGELS!”

If you don’t already know, you’ll find out that Some Bagels are better than others! It’s not just the bagels though, there’s the freshly mixed cream cheese, there’s the coffees, there’s the bagel sandwiches (breakfast or lunch), there’s the BAGEL BURGERS, and there’s the homemade gelato…, you got to stop by their locations in downtown Richland or downtown Kennewick today!

Sign up now and you could be the most popular person in your office, classroom, or even living room having Will Bradley delivering Some Bagels to you on Thursday!

Gimme Some Bagels

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